Facelift Techniques This Surgeon Uses to Ensure Results That Look Like You

For sufferers wanting to reach a more youthful, natural-looking facial rejuvenation, Miami plastic surgeon George M. Varkarakis, MD says one should way ageing in a three-d method. “Growing older does now not simplest happen because of lack of the strengthen of the comfortable tissues of the bone, but additionally because of fats and bone loss. I deal with those issues via now not simplest repositioning the tissue and muscle, but additionally via restoring quantity the use of my particular fats grafting approach.”

Dr. Varkarakis finished a fellowship in craniofacial surgical operation on the Craniofacial Heart in Dallas, TX, the place he honed his abilities in facial surgical operation. Amongst his specialised tactics, he counts appearing surgical operation the use of native sedation and his distinctive method of getting ready fats as two main components in attaining gorgeous, chic effects that toughen each and every affected person with out making them glance unnatural or too pulled.  

What are the important thing tactics you deal with facial ageing when appearing your facelifts?

Dr. Varkarakis: There are two issues going down with facial ageing: one is the lack of quantity and the second one is the lack of the strengthen of the comfortable tissue from the bone. The best way we arrange that is via repositioning the comfortable tissues with sutures including fats to fill the void and to handle the basis. It’s essential to handle the bone construction as neatly. For instance, the mandible, in case you have a small jawline, then augmenting that with a fats graft goes to fortify the end result as a result of I will be able to do the plication or the suturing of the SMAS layer over that augmented jawline.  

How does appearing your facelifts with native anesthesia mean you can reach a extra natural-looking consequence?

Dr. Varkarakis: Whilst I’m working, the affected person is smiling, so I will see the pure motion of the face and reposition with a excellent predictability of the end result. I will see how the facelift and necklift are shopping and make changes right through the surgical operation. Once I’m repositioning the SMAS and the platysma, it’s achieved with a affected person within the sitting place so I will see precisely how the general result goes to appear; they are able to animate their options and I will get a equivalent view from one facet to the opposite and tighten and regulate the midface or the neck according to what the affected person wishes.

How does your fats grafting method is helping create long-lasting, younger effects?

Dr. Varkarakis: My experience in fats grafting for the face sticks out, now not simplest on account of my method for injections, but additionally on account of the way in which I’m harvesting and I’m processing the fats. This particular method of liposuction is essential for its long-term survival. First, I harvest extra fats from any other house of the affected person’s frame, purify it, after which inject it into spaces such because the jawline, cheeks or chin for probably the most refreshed and of course younger result.